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How Universities Are Coming Together to Support Covid-19 Relief Efforts


In celebration of Giving Tuesday Now, we're showcasing the many ways universities all over the world have come together to support Covid-19 relief efforts. Whether it's funding for students facing hardship, life-saving medical research or the production of personal protection equipment (PPE), these institutions are leading the way. From the appeals showcased in this blog, more than £5 million has been raised from more than 12,000 donations* - demonstrating the impact that giving through world-leading educational institutions can have on the wider world.

* numbers as of 10th July 2020.

Institution: University of Southampton

Appeal: Southampton Coronavirus Response Fund


As the world faces an unprecedented medical, social and financial emergency, universities like Southampton are playing a leading role in tackling the relentless march of the coronavirus. Whilst many of us are confined to our homes, hoping that loved ones stay safe, our academics, medics and support staff are working around the clock to deliver fast, effective solutions to protect more lives.

We are also going to great lengths to care for the students that remain in our care.  A significant number of UK and International students have not been able to return home and we are providing a comprehensive support network to ensure they have the material and emotional help they need to get through this difficult time.

Find out more here.

Institution: King's College London

Appeal: King's COVID-19 Respons Fund


Working in the heart of London, the UK epicentre of the COVID-19 epidemic, King’s and its health partners play an important role in providing crucial, frontline support to the national and global response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

From providing expert research into prevention and treatment, to developing readily available ventilators, and supporting the mental health of our NHS colleagues and students, we are directing our world-leading areas of expertise towards combatting the impact of the virus.

King’s was built on an ambition to serve society and that commitment is stronger than ever at this time of global challenge. Donor support ensures that our academics, researchers and clinicians can continue to play a key role as we work together to overcome this pandemic.

Find our more here.

Institution: South Dakota State University

Appeal: Student Emergency Fund


The South Dakota State University Foundation is partnering with the Division of Student Affairs to help offset some of the difficulties students are facing. Online classes will resume for the university on March 23, but the Jackrabbit community will tackle unique concerns in their personal and professional lives moving forward. Unexpected expenses include costs related to transportation, food and resources, lost income, potential medical bills, and other financial obligations. Many students rely on part-time jobs to pay for college and living expenses. In most communities, those jobs have been eliminated or reduced, leaving students and families with urgent costs they’re unable to meet.

These emergency funds are one way we can help alleviate some of those concerns.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Essex

Appeal: University of Essex Hardship Fund


The Hardship Fund will provide immediate help with unexpected financial problems, whether due to the loss of part time work; additional travel costs; access to technology; or helping to manage unexpected accommodation costs. Donations to this fund will go directly to students in need, quickly, making their lives easier and allow them to continue their education here at Essex.

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Institution: Sheffield Hallam University

Appeal: Sheffield Hallam Coronavirus Appeal


During these difficult times our priority is keeping our students healthy and safe. The University has now transitioned all students to remote learning, and our support services are working incredibly hard to offer help and guidance to students whose studies have been severely disrupted by the closure of university campuses. But as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is felt across the country the need for emergency financial assistance for our most at risk students is becoming more acute, and requests for the University hardship fund are continuing to increase.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Hull

Appeal: Face Shields For NHS/Care Workers


The University of Hull is proud to be working with a local moulding company to produce essential face shields to protect NHS staff on the frontline. Each mask can be produced for just 73p and we are distributing these free of charge to NHS hospitals.

A donation of £5 would directly pay for the production of 6 masks. 100 percent of donations will go towards the costs of the materials and tools needed to produce this life saving personal protective equipment (PPE).

Find out more here.

Institution: Texas Christian University

Appeal: Frog Family Crisis Fund


Since 2007, the TCU Student Emergency Fund (formally listed as the Frog Family Crisis Fund) provides immediate aid to students facing emergency or catastrophic situations that impair their ability to continue in school.

We understand that now in this unprecedented time that our students may be at risk in new ways, especially if a lack of income threatens their access to housing, food or other basic necessities that will help them thrive not only in classes, but in life.

TCU has had a record number of student applications to this fund to assist with housing, food, basic necessities and loss of income.  Every gift will directly impact students in need.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Warwick

Appeal: Covid-19 Emergency Support


1 in 4 students at Warwick are from low-income backgrounds. These students are facing exceptionally challenging circumstances during the pandemic. To support them, Warwick is launching a COVID-19 student support appeal. Your donations will help students who, for whatever reason, do not have family or financial support. This will include support for school leavers, medical students, current students studying at Warwick

The appeal launched in participation with Giving Tuesday Now celebrations and aims to meet its fund needs before the 18th June 2020.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Glasgow

Appeal: UofG COVID-19 Respons Fund


We are experiencing extraordinary times. Worldwide we are having to come together to face a challenge many of us had never imagined.

But there is hope. The University of Glasgow is an exceptional place - our students and research have helped change the world for over 500 years. Today is no different. Our Glasgow community have continued to inspire and motivate us in facing the challenge of COVID-19.

Donations will help students with no family support, those with caring responsibilities or with no way of returning home. Some of our students are really struggling and added pressures, including the loss of part-time work, could now be overwhelming. Donations will help relieve this pressure allowing them to focus on their studies and their future.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Roehampton London

Appeal: Roehampton Emergency Hardship Fund


In response to this crisis, the University and the Roehampton Students’ Union have created an Emergency Hardship Fund. The University is also seeking support for the Co-VIDA study - a vital new study to help us understand the psychological impact of COVID-19 on health workers.

Find out more here.

Institution: SOAS Univeristy of London

Appeal: SOAS Hardship Fund


Our student body is our greatest strength and equality of opportunity is at the forefront of what we do. In these times of great uncertainty SOAS has moved all classes and wellbeing support online and staff members are taking proactive steps to assist our students. Donations will help students continue their studies by offering a financial safety net.

SOAS offers Hardship Bursaries, especially for students from low income families, those in care, carers, those with disabilities, or displaced people. This scheme is now under huge pressure with great numbers of additional students needing support due to the effects of COVID-19.

Find out more here.

Institution: Ulster University

Appeal: Coronavirus Testing -Urgent Appeal


Representatives from across Ulster University’s campuses led by Professor Tony Bjourson along with Queen’s University and the Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute are part of a combined COVID-19 Task Force working with the Department of Health in Northern Ireland to minimise the impact of the deadly virus.

Whilst we have both the necessary academic expertise and first-class research facilities, our testing resources for COVID-19 are limited and we urgently need financial help to buy equipment which will enable us to test at 10 times the current rate. A robotic system will allow faster testing of large numbers with more accuracy.

Ulster University, together with the combined forces of our colleagues in QUB and AFBI, can make a tangible impact on urgent testing requirements in Northern Ireland. We have networks in place to buy the new robotics and essential chemicals required for COVID-19 testing but we need funds to help us do this.

Find out more here.

Institution: Western New England

Appeal: WNE School of Law Student Emergency Fund


Western New England University School of Law students are completing their semesters through remote learning. While we are grateful for the incredibly hard work of our faculty, staff, and administrators in facilitating this transition, the stressors surrounding COVID-19 are ones that have caused significant uncertainties and obstacles for numerous students at the School of Law.

Many students have had to move their residences, and are juggling family care, work, and school responsibilities in ways that are incredibly challenging. Students are dealing with an uncertain landscape for summer jobs and full-time, post-graduation employment. Additionally, bar jurisdictions including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York have already postponed the July bar administration until the fall or later, which has caused additional stress, uncertainty, and financial hardship. Other jurisdictions are likely to follow suit.

WNE also have a Student Emergency Fund to support undergraduate and graduate students across the University through this time and to ensure they have the financial resources to focus on their academic work.

Find out more here.

Institution: Univeristy of York

Appeal: Several appeals focused on supporting their Mentally Fit York campaign and York Foodbank


The University of York has been focused on remaining engaged with their wider community during the pandemic to help keep spirits high. To encourage this engagement, the Univeristy have launched several initiatives including, a digital pub quiz (The Big Tork Pub Quiz) and virtual community fundraising events such as indoor cycle rides. When participating in these activities, they have encouraged alumni and other supporters to give towards their Mentally Fit York campaign as well as the York Foodbank.

Find out more here.

Institution: The University of Manchester

Appeal: Supporting Manchester students in urgent financial need


Right now, Manchester students are facing hardship like never before. Some have lost the part-time work they rely on. Their summer jobs and internships have been cancelled. They’re desperately worried about the months ahead.

Others are facing costs they could never have budgeted for. Many international students are still in Manchester, facing the uncertainty of a prolonged stay in the UK.

Donations to this special appeal will bring relief to students who are really worried about making ends meet.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Brighton

Appeal: Student Fund


Our work lives and social lives are changing dramatically. For our students, the way they are learning has also shifted to ensure we can continue to deliver courses via remote learning platforms. This will undoubtedly be a scary time for students, particularly if they live far from home. We anticipate that some students may be particularly hard hit by the effects of the Coronavirus.

Our students, particularly those in the midst of studying for exams, writing for their dissertations or unable to continue with placements, are faced with a great deal of uncertainty. While the University is putting in place arrangements to support our students to progress and graduate, at present, this is a particularly unsettling time for our students who feel their futures are on hold.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Bath

Appeal: Support for Students During Covid-19


As a result of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the University has moved all teaching online for the remainder of the academic year. We are supporting our students whether they choose to stay on campus or not – but unfortunately for some, the decision is out of their hands.

Whether this is due to unaffordable travel costs, border closures or lack of equipment to continue their studies remotely, we are seeing many students facing financial difficulty. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and as such it may take weeks for the full scale of student need to emerge. At this challenging time, the Student Hardship Fund is even more important to safeguarding welfare of our students.

Find out more here.

Institution: Swansea University

Appeal: Supporting Our Students During Covid-19


At Swansea University, we recognise that many of our students face financial hardship at some point during their time here. However now more than ever, our students need financial help.

During the first week of the UK-wide lock down, the University made over 80 hardship awards – an extraordinary number - and the following weekend brought a further 70 enquiries and applications.

We are seeing a huge surge in demand for our hardship service which simply cannot be serviced with our current levels of resource. Since the Covid-19 outbreak we have supported care leavers, carers and estranged students who can have precarious circumstances which make them vulnerable.

We have made grants to students who have suffered a loss of income, as so many work in the gig economy and rely on wages to meet their essential living costs. There have also been reports of increases in domestic violence and finance based coercive control due to current events, and sadly we are already seeing examples of this amongst our student body. All of these people need our help.

Find out more here.

Institution: Aston University

Appeal: Covid 19 - Student Emergency Hardship Fund


The self-isolation and social distancing protocols causing major disruption across all of UK society are posing an immediate challenge to some of our most in-need students. Students without a strong safety-net risk getting left behind because of the pandemic. Aston is helping them in three key areas including, helping student facing financial hardship, providing equipment to students in need, brining students home from placements abroad.

Find out more here.

Institution: Kingston University London

Appeal: Compassion in the Face of Crisis


We are proud to have a long history of welcoming people of any and all backgrounds to Kingston, with a particular focus on those people less likely to have the opportunity to go to University.

This includes those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, those with disabilities or caring responsibilities, and students estranged from their families or from care-experienced backgrounds.

These students are far more vulnerable to the effects of the current pandemic than students who have safe family homes to return to and families who are able to help financially in times of crisis. These students have already overcome incredible odds to make it to university and we want to make sure this crisis doesn't put a premature end to their studies.

In addition to this, the vast majority of our students have at least one part-time job, and many hold down two or three alongside their studies. Students are overwhelmingly part of the 'gig economy', or in casual work on zero hours contracts in sectors being particularly hard hit - hospitality, childcare, pubs and clubs.

Find out more here.

Institution: University of Leeds

Appeal: 2020 Student Support Fund


The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to our way of life. From the simple inconvenience of having to queue outside the supermarket, to the major upheaval of separated families, unfamiliar working practices – and worries about financial security and employment – the crisis is affecting all of us. Which is to say nothing of people’s very real fears of serious illness.

The University has done a great deal to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 on our students, but know that many of them may face significant financial hardship in the coming months.

Find out more here.

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