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Giving Day Simulator

Gain perception and clarity around your giving day with realistic goals you can count on.

Our Giving Day Simulator has been specifically designed to highlight the success institutions and organisations could see from integrating a giving day as part of their wider giving and engagement strategy.

By running your future giving day up to 10,000 times over, and benchmarking it against similar giving days, the Simulator can help institutions of any size to gain further clarity as to the direct impact a giving day can have. Whether that impact is around increasing donor participation, generating more income or creating a culture of philanthropy that supports a wide breadth of life-changing initiatives.

Whatever your reason for running a giving day, our simulator can help to provide clarity as to what a giving day at your institution might look like, what resources you should consider and what results you might expect.

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Explore your giving day potential

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Giving days you can be confident in.

It can be tricky to know where to start when planning a giving day. What outcomes should you expect? What’s actually achievable for your institution or organisation?

Your results are out there for the world to see. And when you’re new to the giving day game, this can feel overwhelming, leaving you unsure of where to start or which direction to travel in.

With your results from the Simulator to hand, you can feel more confident than ever that you’re planning a successful giving day that has been carefully considered and well resourced for success.

Reliable predictions that increase success.

Our Simulator will produce an evidence-based prediction of your giving day, simply off the back of answers you’ll provide to a few key questions. We then compare your own information against results from similar institutions who have previously run and completed impactful and successful giving days.

We’ll then provide you with three scenarios:

  • A standard goal range - what you could expect if you continued running a giving day with the exact same investment and resource as you currently have.
  • A higher goal range - what you could achieve if you made even small changes, as advised by our team of experts who have managed giving gays world-wide.
  • A highest goal range - your optimum level of success if you were to make even more significant changes to the investment and resource behind your giving day.

The Simulator will provide you with both donor and financial targets, providing you with a robust idea of exactly what your giving day has the potential to achieve.

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Take control of your giving day

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"We ran a client's previous giving day data through the Hubbub simulator and the results almost perfectly mirrored the real-world numbers. This tool is incredibly exciting - especially for those institutions launching a first giving day - as it answers the always important question, 'should we set a goal and if so, what should that target be?"

Justin Ware, Senior VP of BWF Digital Marketing &and Founder of Groundwork Digital 

Data-driven findings you can trust.

We’re not just pulling figures out of thin air.

We’ve run giving days worldwide and we know what success looks like. In fact, we’ve collected data and insights from around the globe on what it takes to make your giving day bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Our simulator will unpick what channels you plan to use, how many people you hope to contact, how many times you will ask for a gift and the average gifts you expect from each channel.

We’ll then outline what you can expect from your giving day, and what you could achieve if you made small but impactful changes.

It’s a method we’ve tested meticulously, running it against our own data as well as independent sources to guarantee results are spot on. Because we want you to trust your results, so you can trust in your giving day.

Harnessing the potential of your giving day.

We understand giving days. We know what makes them tick. What puts them centre stage.

We will provide you with key insights as to where you should invest time, money and effort in order to grow your campaign.

From storytelling to match funding, ambassador engagement to tailored touch points, the simulator will mark out exactly what you can implement to maximise your reach, strengthen your income and guarantee results.

Lead impactful conversations.

Giving days require buy-in from various teams to strengthen their potential for success.

But to get buy-in, you need to make sure you’re selling your case for investment and resource in a way that resonates with those who make decisions that can move you forward. You also need to be confident in what you’re suggesting and aspirational in the way you present it.

A clear, concise, fully researched case for investment is gold dust when it comes to convincing decision makers that your giving day is worth investing in. Everyone from budget holders and resource facilitators will want to see in black and white exactly what a giving day can achieve and how its success can be guaranteed going before pledging their own support.

They want the proof. Our Simulator can give it to them.

Inspire trust and confidence.

We believe the number one ingredient to a triumphant giving day is feeling knowledgeable and in control of what you can achieve.

Not everyone will be ready for a giving day. Sometimes, it does pay to wait. And that’s what our Simulator will help you to decide.

We want people to feel excited - not scared - of hosting a giving day. It’s a cause for celebration. One that can totally transform your institution.

But the fear of not appearing successful or setting goals you don’t reach can be a massive deterrent.

The Simulator is designed around delivering healthy, realistic goals that take the fear out of the equation.  These goals will help you to capture colleague enthusiasm and get all hands on deck.

Now you’ve got your goal. It’s time to smash it.

Take control of your giving day

Run the FREE simulator
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