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Day of giving simulator

Thank you for your submission! We've had to make a few assumptions here, so the comments below are notes to reflect these assumptions and parameters we've used:

A 24 hour event

We strongly recommend finding challenges and matches for your day, and can run many scenarios for you to assess the best use of these funds. Scenarios C and E below shows the impact of adding in £25k of gifts, structured as 3 challenges of £5k and one matchfunding pot for the first £10k.

There were a few questions skipped on the calling, so where I've included it, I've assumed for the purposes of the simulation that you called around 1000 people, achieved around a 10% gift rate and received a mean gift of £100 per donor. This is scenario A below.

Scenario B drops the calling completely, to show you the difference it makes.

Your email rates look very high when compared to other similar institutions. I've assumed a typical Oxbridge rate in the simulations - but you could add anything from 100 and 250 donors if your open and click through rates are as high as you've given us. This is Scenario D.

You have a very low social ambassador count relative to others - very happy to discuss how we can help with this. In our experience young alumni and current students can also take on this role and make a substantial impact.

Your social and email gift amounts are both showing higher than we would normally expect for these channels. That might be to do with your ask structure or the capacity of your donors. We've included them at the rate you've given in the below scenarios.

Scenario A - As Submitted, but with Calling Assumptions made, and average Oxbridge email rates used

The graphs show the probability of achieving certain financial and donor targets. The day as planned we would imagine delivering around 250-300 donors, and around £25k (without any challenges or matched giving) - see the peaks of the graphs below for the most likely outcomes.

Scenario B - As Submitted, but without any calling

In Scenario B, it's very similar but without the calling programme included, numbers drop by 100-150 donors and around £15k.

Scenario C - As Submitted, with calling programme, added matched and challenge giving

In Scenario C, we added in challenge and matched giving along with the calling programme (£25k, structured as described above).

Scenario D - As Submitted, with calling programme, adjusted for Exeter's great email rates (but without matched/challenge giving)

In Scenario D, we increased email giving rates in proportion to the open and click through rates you reported on your form. These show substantial increases in performance due to a very engaged email audience. These donor numbers are achievable for you, given what you submitted.

Scenario E - With great email response rates, with calling programme, and with matched/challenge giving of £25k

Your "super scenario"! In this scenario, the single biggest thing you can do to increase the overall total is to secure more matched or challenge giving, or really push up ask amounts - as these are about the highest donor numbers we think are likely for the day, given the audiences and plan structure. But everything additional you secure as matched/challenge giving is likely to just be added on top of this total - if you're careful to set challenge targets so you know they are achievable. So if you secured £50k in total challenges/matched giving, we'd expect the same donor numbers, but to raise around £72.5k (£25k more than in the below), and so on.

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