Giving Days

Our Giving Day platform helps you engage young and new donors, reconnect with lapsed donors, stimulate student and campus philanthropy and matchfund with major donors.

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How we help you run a successful Giving Day

End to end

Manage your day from start to finish with Hubbub Giving Days: enrich your data, recruit ambassadors, offer challenges and take recurring gifts.

Branded to your brand

Our platform can be branded to your unique campaign theme and branded visuals.

Automated emails

Automated emails, sent directly from the platform will allow you to easily communicate and steward your ambassadors and donors.

Powerful reporting

Track platform ROI, download donor data for import to your CRM, and track conversion rates with Google Analytics.

Identify and recruit ambassadors

It’s not just you and your team needed for success. Anybody in your community can act as ambassadors for the cause, helping you spread your campaign like wildfire. The Hubbub Giving Day platform simplifies ambassador recruitment, management and gamification. It supercharges the reach of your campaigns, keeps you informed of ambassador activity and saves your team the effort of manual recruitment and management.

Follow up with automatic thank you emails

Make your donors feel valued with prompt thank you emails. We provide default copy for your emails – which you can customize to align with your campaign messaging. This also provides a great opportunity to ask your donors to help spread the word.

Run an exciting day with matchfunding and challenges

Matchfunding and challenges dramatically increase campaign success. Our technology ensures that they all operate in real time, automatically, with no manual work. Popular challenges include: number of donors, number of  donations from affinity groups, location based challenges, and participation challenges.

100% mobile responsive

The world has gone mobile, and we’re there to greet them. Our platforms are fully optimized for mobile usage, including vital payment pages: in fact 54% of gifts on our platforms come from a mobile device.

Relax, we take the stress out of launching your Giving Day

Fully hosted

Your platform comes out of the box and is fully hosted on our secure Amazon AWS servers, no matter what country you're in. The platform comes with a host of configurations to get you set up how you want.

Excellent support

Our top priority is our relationship. From assistance with tech support, to providing strategic advice and consultation, our customer support team is always on hand to help you succeed.

"With Hubbub's expertise, our university successfully held the largest 24-hour giving day campaign in the history of our institution. Through this campaign, we were able to engage our young alumni in ways we had not been able to before.

Hubbub's commitment to their clients' success is outstanding"

Ashley Fox,
Annual Giving Officer at Southern Adventist University

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