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Empower your community by unleashing their passions

Our Crowdfunding platform takes people powered giving to the next level. It channels the enthusiasm of willing project creators, telling their stories to donors who are equally as passionate. The result - a community united through giving.
Product Overview

Create a community centred around giving

For us, crowdfunding is where it all began. The same is true for several of our customers. Often, crowdfunding serves as the launch point for a successful digital giving programme. Their final destination? A culture centred around giving powered by inspirational storytelling.

Put simply, crowdfunding empowers your students and researchers to fundraise for the projects they’re most passionate about. You can harness their creativity without having to turn them away due to lack of staff resources. You can also use crowdfunding to reach out to new and younger audiences, steadily building your future supporter base.
The basics

How crowdfunding works

1. One, find students, researchers and members of your university community who are keen to fundraise for institution-led projects.

2. Two, promote those projects to donors whose passions align with the stories you have to tell.

3. Three, repeat it all over again. Attracting even more projects - and even more donors - each time you do.

Product Features

Powering their passions

Increase support with matched giving
Your project creators can spark excitement and inspire more gifts through matched funding. Matched funding can also be a useful way to increase relationships with major donors.
Real-time proof of progress
A live totaliser helps your teams to create a buzz, and inspires more people to get involved. It also gives crowdfunding donors immediate feedback, showing how their gift is part of a collective effort to make change happen.
Celebrate your donors
A virtual donor wall celebrates each donor’s contribution and showcases the collective impact of the wider community. You can also encourage donors to leave comments, generating a fundraising buzz.
Go further

Get the community involved

Open the doors of crowdfunding to those staff, students and community fundraisers who are keen to run, walk or cycle - all for the good of your institution. We know that there are other platforms out there that offer similar features. However, what sets us apart is a genuine connection with each and every donor - not just the fundraiser themselves.
Payment Options

Not a one size fits all approach

Depending on the needs of your projects, your Crowdfunding platform will come with two options for processing donor payments - deferred or immediate.
  • Deferred

    Our deferred payments option suits projects with an all-or-nothing attitude. This option reassures the donor that their gift will only be made if and when the project meets its minimum funding need. If the project’s funding target isn’t met, no money is exchanged. Ensuring you only collect donations on projects that promise donor satisfaction.
  • Immediate

    With the immediate payment option, you’ll also have the flexibility to create projects with no deadline or goal, so donors can make an instant and lasting donation. This option is perfect for ongoing ‘evergreen’ projects or emergency fundraising that are run through the central development team.
Customer Stories

Hubbub customers are creating year-round digital donor experiences

Read Their Stories
“Crowdfunding has widened our supporter base, including young alumni. In fact, we have the highest proportion of alumni donors aged under 30 of any UK university. We couldn't have done this without our crowdfunding programme."
Matthew Ingram
Student and Young Alumni Officer, University of York
"Crowdfunding has been a real revolution at Essex. To increase donor numbers, we needed something that was bespoke to our University culture that would also inspire more donors to give than ever before."
James Martin
Senior Philanthropy Officer, University of Essex
Product Features

Little extras that make all the difference

Our Approach

Donors first, with digital in mind

We blend our experience of technology and fundraising to help you grow whole communities centre around giving.
Meet Our Team
Why aligning with the passions of your donors’ matter

Generate a constant buzz across your entire institution that reverberates the success of your fundraising efforts

Show donors how they can make a difference by choosing to support the projects and areas of your institution that mean the most to them.
Increase the variety of projects that donors can support - showing them the depth and breadth of what your institution is so well known for.
Start a culture of giving that begins the second students step onto campus - maybe even before. Show them that giving makes a difference and that they can be a part of that tradition.
Encourage passionate donors to share projects with their personal networks. Opening the doors to even more potential supporters to join your community.
Connect with younger donors - allowing them to see exactly where their donation is headed and the impact they will have on the needs of today’s students.
Bring a new-found understanding and a deeper appreciation as to the strategic importance philanthropy has to play within the needs of the wider institution.
How we'll work with you

With you every step of the way

Our team of digital fundraising experts will guide you through the set up of your platform - ensuring it’s up to spec and meets your needs. Once you’re on your way, your account manager will be in regular contact to check everything is running smoothly. There will also be a support team on hand to respond to your technical questions, as well as a knowledge base with tutorials, guides and frequently asked questions.

Ready to start empowering your community?

Our team has worked with digital giving programmes all over the world. They'd love to speak with you.
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