Engage your supporter community with a Crowdfunding platform that brings together the passions of your donors with the projects that are important to your cause.

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How we help you run a successful crowdfunding program

Complete control

Every project is created on your platform, and will be moderated by you before it goes live. 

Project guidance

Our platform will hold the hands of project creators with the Hubbub Academy, reducing the resource needed from your team.

Automated emails

Automated emails, sent directly from the platform will allow you to easily communicate and steward your users and donor - helping you to create a warm and engaged donor community.

Powerful reporting

Track platform ROI, overall and individual project success, download donor data for import to your CRM, and track conversion rates with Google Analytics.

Advocate gamification

Donors and ambassadors share projects easily by sharing links unique to them. Links are tracked and shared with other users, encouraging friendly competition, that can demonstrate the powerful impact of social sharing on a project's success.

100% mobile responsive

The world has gone mobile, and we’re there to greet them. Our platform is fully optimized for mobile usage, including vital payment pages: in fact 54% of gifts on our platforms come from a mobile device.

Motivate fundraisers with matched funds

Increase the number of successful Crowdfunding projects as well as participation from donors with matched funding capabilities. The matched funding will double every gift in real time. Donors are 3x more likely to give if matchfunding is available.

Customized targets

Whether your project's goal is total amount raised or total number of donors, our platform provides you with the flexibility to choose the right target for your project.

Relax, launching your platform will be easy

Fully hosted

Your platform comes out of the box and is fully hosted on our secure Amazon AWS servers, no matter what country you're in. The platform comes with a host of configurations to get you set up how you want.

Excellent support

Our top priority is our relationship. From assistance with tech support, to providing strategic advice and consultation, our customer support team is always on hand to help you succeed.

"We chose to work with Hubbub due to their knowledge and expertise in both crowdfunding and the HE sector. In the early stages of our working partnership, they have been invaluable in providing first class support and guidance."

Mark Parsons,
Annual Fund Manager at The Open University

Increase your donor numbers

Read the case study to discover how the University of York grew their donor numbers by 33% with Hubbub's crowdfunding platform.

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