Build a strong culture of giving

Engage your supporter community with a Crowdfunding platform that brings together the passions of your donors with the projects that are most important to your cause.
Our Best Features

Unleash the potential of the crowd

Complete Control
Moderate and approve each project before it goes live - ensuring each project is ready for fundraising success.
Project Guidance
Make the most of our guides, videos and instructional content on how to create successful projects.
Automated Emails
Easily communicate with project creators and steward your donors - creating a warm and engaged community of supporters.
Powerful Reporting
Track overall project success and download donor data, which seamlessly integrates with your Raiser's Edge database.
Fun Rewards
Incentivise donors to support the projects their passionate about with exclusive and unique rewards.
Encourage Action
Project 'helpers' are given their own unique links, allowing them to track their impact on successful projects.

Advocate gamification

Donors and ambassadors share projects easily by sharing links unique to them. Links are tracked and shared with other users, encouraging friendly competition, that can demonstrate the powerful impact of social sharing on a project's success.

100% mobile responsive

The world has gone mobile, and we’re there to greet them. Our platform is fully optimized for mobile usage, including vital payment pages: in fact 54% of gifts on our platforms come from a mobile device.

Motivate fundraisers with matched funds

Increase the number of successful Crowdfunding projects as well as participation from donors with matched funding capabilities. The matched funding will double every gift in real time. Donors are 3x more likely to give if matchfunding is available.

Customized targets

Whether your project's goal is total amount raised or total number of donors, our platform provides you with the flexibility to choose the right target for your project.
Customers love Hubbub

They use Hubbub to bring digital transformation.

Our team has worked with hundreds of non profits across the globe. They'd love to speak.

Crowdfunding has been a real revolution at Essex. We could see a subsection of potential donors that we weren’t able to reach due to the limited amount of resource we had. To increase donor numbers, we needed something that was bespoke to our University culture that would also inspire more donors to give than ever before.

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“Crowdfunding has widened our supporter base, including young alumni. In fact, we have the highest proportion of alumni donors aged under 30 of any UK university. We couldn't have done this without our crowdfunding programme."

Read their story

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Our team has worked with over 100 crowdfunding programmes across the globe. They'd love to speak.