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Doggos of Hubbub 🐶


As we all adjust to working from home, we may find ourselves with a few new co-workers (distractions?).

To help brighten your day, we thought we'd share a few of Team Hubbub's four-legged workforce. We hope that you are all keeping safe and well.


I will eat all the tennis balls - just watch me!

Hubbub Owner: Mark (Account Executive)

Age: 1 ½ years

Breed: Cocker Spaniel, Show cocker

Favourite food: Chicken, the man looooves chicken

Best trick: Roll over

Favourite house based activity: Chewing expensive personal belongings


Look at those paws!

Hubbub Owner: Laura (VP Operations)

Age: 4.5 months

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Favourite food: Banana & Peanut Butter in a Kong

Best trick: Wait - when there is a treat on the floor!

Favourite house based activity: Jumping on the sofa


Tug-O-War Champion 2020

Hubbub Owner: David (Senior Software Engineer)

Age: 3 ½ years

Breed: Standard short haired Dachshund

Favourite food: Sausages

Best trick: Roll over (when he wants to do it)

Favourite house based activity: Sleeping/chasing/tug of war

Costa (formerly King Arthur)

Doing his best Zlatan Ibrahimović impression

Hubbub Owner: Elise (Account Executive)

Age: 7

Breed: Papillon

Favorite food: Cheese

Best trick: The Waltz

Favourite house based activity: Guarding the front door and snoozing


Yoga anyone?

Hubbub Owner: Tom (Account Manager)

Age: 4 or 5

Breed: Not sure... She's a rescue from Bosnia

Favorite food: Cheese

Best trick: Chasing pigeons

Favourite house based activity: Sleeping

Do you have a four legged friend keeping you company at home while you work? Head on over to our LinkedIn page and tell us about your remote work helpers.

(Not exclusive to doggos)


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