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5 love songs that will leave you wanting more from your next digital campaign


Valentine’s Day is all about that loving feeling. Love it or leave it, we’ve been inspired by our favourite love songs to suggest a few ways that you can spread the love and increase donor engagement amongst your community.

I Will Always Love You

Nothing’s better than the unconditional love that donors have for the causes they’re most passionate about. Activities such as crowdfunding can help to embed a deeply rooted culture of giving amongst your wider supporter community - including current students, staff members, family and friends.

To encourage a love that will last, consider integrating stories of crowdfunding success alongside the other messages your community receives to demonstrate the good that’s possible when everyone comes together to show their support. Then see how that love grows.

2 Become 1

As a general rule, including match funding opportunities alongside your giving day or crowdfunding campaigns can excite and incentivises your wider donor community to get involved. They’re also great for encouraging major donors to participate in digital campaigns and may even inspire other major donors to join in leading the charge.

Love Generation

A heightened sense of attachment can be very strong amongst generations who have left an institution most recently. Embrace the opportunity to encourage students and younger generations to give and take part in fundraising activities.

If you don’t want to make a direct ask, why not see if your current students and recent grads will be ambassadors for your giving day or crowdfunding campaigns, helping to spread the word amongst their networks. With a one-in-four response rate, a peer-to-peer ask could be just the thing you need to increase overall donor numbers.

Hello (Is It Me You’re Looking For?)

Deciding on the right audience is really important. Choose the wrong segments and the results could impact your opportunity for digital giving success. Some segments will be more ready to give than others and some may require specific kinds of content to ignite their inner giving passions. Segment your audiences and tailor your messages, while also testing what drives engagement the most so that you can learn more about what your community like - and what they don’t.

Need to warm up your segments? Consider how you can start talking to them now about the impact of their support so that by the time your next digital campaign comes round they’re ready to be asked.

You Give Love A Bad Name

No two supporters are the same - don’t go breaking their hearts.

There’s a lot to be said for personalising the messages your donors receive and for the journeys you create for them. Take the time to carefully consider how you’ll communicate with your audiences, turning them onto the idea of giving rather than turning them off altogether. Recovering supporters due to poor messaging can be hard to recover from.

Spread the love

Whether you’ve been left inspired by a bit of Whitney, Bon Jovi or Mr Richie himself, we hope that these tips have left you with some ways to embrace that giving feeling this Valentine’s Day.


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