On-Demand Webinar

Giving Days - Creating Dynamic Communications Plans That Drive Results

Learn key insights about how to create a successful Giving Day communications strategy

About This Webinar

Once you've identified your Giving Day strategy, and its goals, your communications plan is the next step towards consciously driving result towards success.

Join Hubbub's Digital Fundraising Specialist, Kat Carter, and Customer Success Manager, Marie-Rose Delauzun, for tips and key insights from across the sector that you can use to increase donor participation (and income) before, during and after your Giving Day.

  • Learn more about how storytelling can influence your donors decision to give
  • Learn how to integrate email, social media and other channels into one strategy
  • Learn how to create donor journeys that keep donors (and ambassadors) engaged
  • And more


Kat Carter

Commercial Director and Digital Fundraising Specialist

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