Social Ambassadors

The platform provides you a simple way to recruit, manage and incentivize your organization's ambassadors, volunteers and advocates. It supercharges the reach of your campaigns, keeps you informed of ambassador activity and saves your team time managing interactions.

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How we help you run a successful Ambassadors program

Data enrichment

Our social analytics allow you to identify suitable ambassadors and inform how you should engage with them.

Complete control

You have the ability to decide which messages, pictures and videos you would like your ambassadors to share.

Automated emails

Automated emails, sent directly from the platform will allow you to easily recruit and motivate your ambassadors.

Powerful reporting

Track platform ROI, by measuring your ambassadors' impact on your awareness and fundraising campaigns. Download your data at a click of a button.

Identify and recruit ambassadors

Our social analytics tools analyze your existing database and social media channels to identify key influencers who would make excellent ambassadors. Once you have identified prospects our platform will send them a customized recruitment email.

Share your message templates

Create ready-to-go promotional messages, allowing ambassadors to share them with a single click, or to personalize them first. Use the one-click “remind” button to nudge ambassadors to share more.

Track and analyze your ambassadors' impact

Leaderboards show you and your ambassadors the impact they are making in terms of click-throughs, money raised and people engaged. Use the data to allocate prizes and tailor thank yous.

Incentivize your ambassadors even further with prizes

Make sharing fun with gamification. You can offer prizes for the most successful ambassadors, focusing their attention and keeping them motivated. Prizes can be as creative as you like.

Relax, we take the stress out of launching your Ambassadors platform

Fully hosted

Your platform comes out of the box and is fully hosted on our secure Amazon AWS servers, no matter what country you're in. The platform comes with a host of configurations to get you set up how you want.

Excellent support

Our top priority is our relationship. From assistance with tech support, to providing strategic advice and consultation, our customer support team is always on hand to help you succeed.

"We grew our Giving Day ambassador numbers from 60 to 185 in one year without needing any additional resource using the Hubbub Ambassador tool. It saved us time and we were also delighted that 90% of our ambassadors donated to our giving day campaign."

Harmonie Farrow,
Director of Loyalty Giving Programs at Texas Christian University

Increase your ambassador numbers by over 200%

Find out how Texas Christian University tripled their Giving Day social ambassadors with Hubbub's Ambassador platform.

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