Unlock the power of your community

The platform provides you a simple way to recruit, manage and incentivize your organization's ambassadors, volunteers and advocates. It supercharges the reach of your campaigns, keeps you informed of ambassador activity and saves your team time managing interactions.

Unleash the potential of your next digital campaign

Complete Control
Decide which messages, pictures and videos you want your ambassadors to share.
Automated Emails
Instantly update your ambassadors with the latest messages you want them to shout about.
Powerful Reporting
Easily measure the impact your ambassadors are having on your campaigns and download data at the click of a button.
Data Enrichment
Our social analytics reporting allows you to identify even more ambassadors, as well as tactics for how best to engage with them.
Fun Rewards
Incentivise your ambassadors to reach the top of the leader board by offering exclusive prizes.
Seamless Integration
When paired with our Giving Day or Causes platforms, your ambassadors can easily see the impact they're a part of.

Identify and recruit ambassadors

Our social analytics tools analyze your existing database and social media channels to identify key influencers who would make excellent ambassadors. Once you have identified prospects our platform will send them a customized recruitment email.

Share your message templates

Create ready-to-go promotional messages, allowing ambassadors to share them with a single click, or to personalize them first. Use the one-click “remind” button to nudge ambassadors to share more.

Track and analyze your ambassadors' impact

Leaderboards show you and your ambassadors the impact they are making in terms of click-throughs, money raised and people engaged. Use the data to allocate prizes and tailor thank yous.

Incentivize your ambassadors even further with prizes

Make sharing fun with gamification. You can offer prizes for the most successful ambassadors, focusing their attention and keeping them motivated. Prizes can be as creative as you like.

Speak to one of our experts.

Our team has worked with over 100 ambassador programmes across the globe. They'd love to speak.
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