On-Demand Webinar

Hubbub's Telephone Campaign Service

You may have heard that Hubbub will soon be working with our customers to deliver telephone appeals - but why and how? Well, we hope to answer these questions and more in our October Hubbub webinar!

This session will be hosted by Kat Carter, Hubbub's Commercial Director and Lead Consultant, who will talk about her own experience of managing highly successful telephone appeals and why they are an important part of any year-round fundraising strategy.

Delivering telephone appeals may be a new venture for the Hubbub team, but we've got a wealth of experience in fundraising best practices to apply to this area - and we aren't exactly shy about trying new things. We hope that you will find this webinar useful and that it will give you some helpful takeaways to use at your institution.

During the webinar, we'll also be announcing the newest member of the Hubbub team who will be working with our customers to deliver our Telephone Appeal Service - you won't want to miss this exciting announcement.


Kat Carter

Commercial Director and Digital Fundraising Specialist

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