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Coffee Chat - Matches & Challenges For Digital Appeals

To watch the recording, please use the following password when prompted - 0V?=^^W+. If you experience issues accessing the recording (after entering the password), please scroll down to access the recording via the link provided.

When prompted, please use the following password to watch the recording: 0V?=^^W+

If you experience issues accessing the above recording (after entering the password), recordings can also be viewed here.

How can you use match and challenge gifts from major donors to boost participation for your digital appeals? Join us for this 1-hour discussion where you can share your own ideas and thoughts on the topic, as well as hearing a few of our own thoughts.

Discussion Topics:

  • How are matched funding and challenge giving opportunities currently being integrated within the context of crowdfunding, giving day, or any other digital appeals? If they are not currently being utilised, how might you begin to do this?
  • What success have you seen from using this strategy to increase both participation and income from lower-level income streams (annual/regular giving)
  • How can you work with colleagues, across teams, to create a more connected strategy when it comes to match and challenge giving?



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