On-Demand Webinar

Coffee Chat - Continue, Stop, Think

Bi-weekly informal conversations with peers in the higher education and schools sectors on topics related to digital giving and engagement trends. When prompted, please use the following password to view this recording - J=0+UYJL

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many alumni and development teams have had to completely rethink the ways they work. Many have moved alumni activities completely online and fundraising teams have become more reliant on email appeals than ever before. But it's not just our fundraising and engagement activities that have changed. Remote working has also caused many to rethink the ways in which their teams collaborate, and what role remote working might play as we adjust to a new normal. Join us for this 1-hour discussion where you can share your own ideas and thoughts on the topic, as well as hearing a few of our own thoughts.

To prepare for the discussion, think about the following:

  • Continue - What adjustments has your team made as a result of the pandemic that you'll continue to do?
  • Stop - What activities did you do before the pandemic that you will no longer continue to do?
  • Think - What are the things that you and your teams are now thinking about doing as we adjust to a new normal?