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13 Quickfire Tips on Successful Crowdfunding


ere are 13 tips for running a successful crowdfunding project. 

#1 Timing is everything

Make sure ALL of your friends, family and press contacts support you fully in the first week so you reach your 30% psychological tipping point with ease. People are more like to donate to a project that already has some donations!

#2 Use personal rewards

One of the top ways to make people excited is giving them status or lasting fame as a reward in return for their donation. For example, featuring their name on the credits of a behind the scenes document or on a poster with complimenting art, or tweeting a thank you message with their name.

#3 What successful Kickstarter projects have in common

Lots of stats analyzing the common trends of successful Kickstarter projects:

#4 Use influencers

Having an expert or ‘influencer’ in your field, who isn’t on your crowdfunding the team, talk about your campaign (either in your campaign video or on social media) can help launch your project in a positive and meaningful way is sure to have a major impact.

#5 Use the correct social media channel

Use social media to determine where you should spread your marketing efforts in regards to your audience demographic: If your target is millennials, use Instagram and Snapchat. For women over 30, Pinterest is a key target. Or if it’s the news-hungry, workaholics, use Facebook & Linkedin.

#6 Be credible

If you can get any advocates who are well known and respected in the field of your crowdfunding campaign – have a short interview with them on the video

#7 Speak to successful crowdfunders

Speak to people who have done it before. Check any campaigns similar to your industry and send them a friendly email or follow people who followed/donated to their cause.

#8 How Tim Ferris raised $100k in 4 days

Crowdfunding tips from Tim Ferris who militantly raised $100K in 4 days:

#9 Send weekly project updates

Create new content updates every week of the campaign. Eg videos, artwork, music, meetup, wrap party, competitions keep the energy high.

#10 Collect feedback

Collect feedback as you go along – page views, donor demographics, video playbacks – this can help shape how you promote yory

#11 Use short descriptions

Use short & snappy text descriptions in your pitch; make your pitch page as visual as possible

#12 Use logic & emotion

Sell with Emotion, Justify with Logic appeal to both sides of the brain!

#13 Attend A Crowdfunding Event

Attending an event with people who have successfully crowdfunded is a great opportunity to hear tips face-to-face. On the 19-20th at Shoreditch Town Hall, there will be a day long event, Crowdfest. Top industry leaders and experts within the crowdfunding field will be speaking on the strategies that worked, and sometimes didn’t work, for them. Indulge in two days of 60+ influential speakers, 10 workshop streams covering a variety of specialist tracks, live pitching and polling and an exclusive power networking party.


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