How to Run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign


During and Post-Campaign: Messaging / Stewardship


  • Ensure that donors receive timely and appropriate stewardship messages.
  • Ensure that rewards, when promised, are delivered in a timely manner.
  • Make the best use of the networks you have secured.

Key Questions

  • What data do you require on donors to best steward them? See "Data" below.
  • What tools can be used to manage reward delivery at scale?
  • What tools can be used to manage donor pools at scale?


Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce’s CRMs will work adequately as data repositories for donors, but neither is ideal for large-scale, low-touch customer relations need, where small interactions regularly occur with a large number of similar individuals. As a result, it is critical to qualify your donors and achieve a better understanding of their profiles, so you can deal with them appropriately in significant numbers.

For example, major campaigns can achieve several tens of thousands of donors. Many of these donors will give a small amount, and so cannot be individually solicited for further donations. Some, however, may be regular or major gift prospects, and some may have other influence they can exert. As part of donor stewardship, you should attempt to:

  • identify those who may have a predisposition to give regularly (this can be built into the platform).
  • identify those who may have the capability to donate larger amounts through wealth screening or social profiling.
  • tag the remaining donors with social, demographic and geographic information and also by gift size and reason for giving, to ensure segmented campaigns can be run in future.
  • transfer this tagged data appropriately into the CRM.

It is also crucial before the campaign begins to identify the actions which will be directed at each group, and create a plan for carrying out these actions. For example, for those who express an interest in giving regularly during the campaign, a personal and immediate follow up email or call would be advisable. For those who are flagged as potential major donors, a visit may be appropriate.

Wealth screening is provided by a number of companies. Social profiling is also globally available.

Next Steps

  • Agree on the data being collected.
  • Agree on donation flow questions - e.g. "would you like to make a regular gift?"
  • Investigate wealth screening options and sign off on their use.
  • Investigate social profiling tools and sign off on their use.
  • Decide on follow up actions for each segment.
  • Communicate the required data to your platform provider(s).
  • Test the rapid import of platform export data into your CRM.

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