On-Demand Webinar

Giving Days - Tips for Creating Effective Strategies and Setting Goals

Planning for success


Giving Days can be tall orders for teams to deliver. How do you make sure you have an effective strategy and set realistic goals that keep visions clear and motivation high?

In this limited webinar series, join Hubbub's Kat Carter, Head of Marketing, and Jonathan May, CEO, for practical tips and advice that you can use to create your Giving Day strategy.


  • Reasons for why adding a Giving Day to your list of appeals can increase donor participation and income
  • How to set realistic goals that drive teams towards success and that set realistic expectations
  • How to identify the resource required for delivering a successful and powerful campaign
  • How to plan multi-year strategies that can create a sustainable pipeline of activity to build upon


Kat Carter

Commercial Director and Digital Fundraising Specialist

Jonathan May


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