On-Demand Webinar

Creating engaging stewardship journeys for digital donors

How can we improve our stewardship to be more focused on the relationships we create with our donors, and in turn increasing donor retention rates.

Join Kat Carter (Hubbub) and Rose Cohen (University of Exeter) for a useful session about the steps you can take to provide better stewardship journeys for to your digital and online donors. Whether your donors have come from a recent Giving Day or made their gift online through a recent e-appeal, the stewardship they receive afterwards is just as important as the initial ask.

In this session you'll come away with:

- Insights as to why stewardship can be the key to increasing donor participation year on year and how that leads to increasing pipeline activity to major gifts

- Simple and easy ways to develop effective stewardship journeys and communications that help to keep donors engaged


Kat Carter

Commercial Director and Digital Fundraising Specialist

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