How to Run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign




  • Ensure the campaign is resourced appropriately.
  • Establish communications patterns for the team.

Key Questions

  • How should we hire the team and structure interactions?


We recommend that for a minimum of three months before and one month (ideally three months) after the campaign, there is a full time campaign manager dedicated to it. We also advise three to four days a month as the minimum necessary strategic / advisory input from an expert who has previously run a major campaign - ideally one we have trained. We also advise one to two days of full-time training from an expert prior to the kick-off of campaign planning. Hubbub can provide expert campaign advice on this basis, or we can recommend others with the experience to assist.

Team interactions for a campaign such as this are best run with:

  • daily "stand-up" meetings, where each team member reports for one to two minutes on what they will be doing during the day, and asks any key questions of the rest of the team. Ideally these are held first thing in the morning, and they are called "stand-ups" because the intention is for the meetings to be done standing up to keep them below ten minutes.
  • weekly "check-in" meetings, ideally on the first working day of the week - to review progress of the campaign and identify any longer term issues or opportunities that might not have come up at stand-ups. These meetings should be attended by the external consultant if possible, and should last up to an hour.

Next Steps

  • Hire a campaign manager (we can assist with the job description if required).
  • Decide on external consultant support (recommendations available on request).
  • Agree on a team interaction plan.

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