How to Run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign


Campaign Messaging


  • Ensure one, clear, crisp message for the campaign.

Key Questions

  • What will the campaign deliver, if successful?
  • Why should donors give?


Campaign messaging needs to be positive, clear and consistent. This quality of messaging is rarely arrived at by individuals alone. Instead, it is generally advisable to arrange campaign messaging workshops, typically of the following form:

  1. Start with a half-day to one-day workshop with key team members, in a brainstorm session. Look at the organizational mission, vision and values, as well as the campaign aims. The aim is to ensure that people feel their views are represented, listened to and included, and to tease out all possible key messaging.
  2. One person takes on the task of collating the messaging suggestions into a simple set of statements about intentions, ambition, philosophy and values.
  3. This person presents this back to the group for approval or modification. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you arrive at consistent, engaging messaging.

‍We recommend undertaking these exercises as soon as possible. Messaging is absolutely central to creating campaign materials and to campaign storytelling, which is itself absolutely essential to the virality of the campaign. Messaging for the campaign is therefore more important than any other section included here.

We are happy to assist either by running the workshop, or by providing recommendations of others who can facilitate. Alternatively we can signpost some digital resources to help you run these workshops in house.

Once you have decided on your key campaign messages, you need to create a simple pack of supporter materials, including:

  • four to five key sentences expressing the campaign goals.
  • hashtags for social media.
  • suggested social media messages.
  • one-pagers about the campaign.
  • suggested email messages.
  • campaign branding and color schemes.
  • campaign imagery.
  • a campaign video.

This material needs to be created and published somewhere easily accessible to all relevant parties before, during and after the campaign.

Next Steps

  • Decide who is delivering the workshops.
  • Run the workshops.
  • Create materials for the campaign off the back of the messaging.
  • Share / distribute these materials.

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