How to Run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign


Public Communications


  • Test and refine key campaign messages with all important public segments.
  • Validate a strategy for reaching and engaging segments.

Key Questions

  • How do we get a representative sample of each segment from the network mapping?
  • How can we best run "workshops" with these segments to test messaging?
  • How do we validate our outreach and engagement plans?


Each segment is likely to require very different methods of approaching and engaging, so we advise waiting until after a detailed networks analysis has been undertaken before creating specific engagement plans. The only solid commitment needed at this stage is to commit to running a messaging workshop or session with each key segment to validate (or refine) the proposed campaign messaging.

Once messaging has been agreed and tested with segments, you need to identify the channels by which these segments can be reached. At this stage, a workshop meeting should be arranged, involving the stakeholders responsible for managing influencers and press, in order to detail the next actions needed to reach each segment. Any segment where a clear next action cannot be identified, and an additional potential influencer cannot be identified and engaged, should be removed from the campaign plan, as it will be difficult to generate deliberately managed traction. (It may still be possible for the campaign storytelling to engage the segment, but it will not be something that is delivered through influencer planning, so it does not need detailed management).

Next Steps

  • Pick a date that is between three to six months off.
  • Reflect campaign dates in your messaging.

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