The Queen's College, University of Oxford

How The Queen's College, Oxford increased reunion attendance by 43% in 3 days

The Queen's College was founded in 1341 by Robert d'Eglesfield in honour of Queen Philippa of Hainault.

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The Challenge

We were planning our first "Young Alumni Social" in London. We have run previous social events for individual year groups, but this was the first to incorporate all years matriculating from 2000 onwards.

Previously, our social events have filled up more slowly than more formal events, like a lunch or dinner. We were keen to maximise attendance, especially due to the range of year groups, which meant our alumni would not necessarily expect to reunite with their friends at the event.

We have previously used Facebook boosted posts to increase awareness of events, which achieves a lot of views, but it is hard to accurately measure the impact of the posts.

The Solution

​We had 37 attendees signed up already, so we invited them by email to become "ambassadors" to share the event with their social media networks.

They signed-up on our branded platform, and were given a message to share. To make it fun, we offered a free drink, coasters and pens as prizes for the ambassadors who achieved the most clicks, which were tracked by the platform.

The Results

On the day of inviting registrants to become ambassadors, we had 8 new registrations, which was our busiest day. A further 6 registered by the event - which was only 2 days away. 2 more alumni arrived at the event after seeing their friends' messages on social media.

Our ambassadors were a range of ages, one of whom we'd had little engagement with before.

In total, we went from 37 to 53 attendees, and that took just one email to recruit ambassadors. It led to a great event with groups of friends reconnecting.

"Using Hubbub Ambassadors was a fun and enjoyable way of doing things, and we'll use it again for future social events."

Henry Cosh
Development Assistant at The Queen's College, Oxford

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