Operations Manager

Our mission is to inspire, ignite and grow cause-led movements to shape the future of our planet and everything on it.
We create and deliver innovative fundraising and engagement programmes for nonprofits globally.

Reporting to: COO
Start date: Aug/Sept

TLDR: Do you love making stuff happen?

Hubbub is growing 100% year on year. We provide awesome fundraising technology for universities and charities. Fast growth can be tough on the joints that hold organisations together. We are now looking for someone with a passion for connecting the dots, making processes, systems, data, and people work together to deliver amazing results.

We anticipate that you may have an unconventional career path. Great operations people are problem-solvers, thinkers, do-ers, fantastic communicators, not afraid to get their hands dirty but with a clear vision for overall direction and the insight for what change is going to matter. Value alignment, culture fit, and being able to showcase your skills - these are the things we’ll be looking for.

A bit more about the role

We have a lot of data, a solid finance function, a fair few disparate systems across Commercial, Technology & Product, and Customer Success teams, and a desire to join up, improve, automate (to catch up a little with the growth we’ve had), and prepare for the rapid growth that is yet to come.

You’ll need to be confident and able managing a finance function - primarily in terms of processes, controls, data and metrics reporting. The finance layer underneath you works well, and data is accurate and relatively easy to access. But our financial data does not surface the insight we want right now - either to the company’s leadership, or to the business units that need it to inform their work. Overall responsibility for ensuring various important financey things are done on time sits with the company’s founders, and we’d like you to bridge this gap. In addition, we’d like you to extract and analyse the financial data so we can iterate processes and improve the information available for strategic decisions we need to take.

The same pattern around data and insight exists elsewhere. There’s plenty of solid systems and processes - and reliable data - in our Technology, Customer Success, and Commercial functions. But we need to join these sources of insight and information up so that we can feed back the information into the teams that need it. Which product line is producing the best ROI for clients? How does it vary by country? What are the implications of this for our Marketing and Product teams? We can generate all this right now, but we’d like someone working ahead so that the actionable insights that matter to the business come to us before they become a problem for us to solve. In short: we want dashboards - not lots of them, but really good ones, that tell us in real-time what is working and what isn’t.

We often have one-off projects that cross operations, finance and fundraising - such as managing the roll-out of options schemes, or closing the paperwork for an investment round. We’d like you to project manage these one-off larger projects, working with senior internal leaders (yes, this means telling them what to do) as well as outsourced legal and accounting teams (creating plans to ensure outsourced work is done to a high standard on-time!). This doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in any particular area (though obviously a basic understanding of finance, investment and legal areas is useful) - it means you need to understand where the critical path is, be able to analyse the pieces of the puzzle, and put them together in the right order. You’ll always be well-supported if you’re unsure of next steps.

We have a top-level annual growth plan and initiatives to deliver them that cover the period until end 2022. We also have operational plans in our Commercial, Technology and Customer Success functions that run to shorter timeframes. We need you to help bridge the gaps between these plans, sitting with business unit leaders both individually and as a group and creating and maintaining a mid-term operational plan that tracks interdependencies in key areas. That sounds quite jargon-loaded, so in simple terms, if the commercial team is proposing to generate £1m from a new product area in 2021, ensuring that the roadmap through 2019 and 2020 for technology is going to get the product ready, and ensuring that the customer success team have the materials and training to successfully deliver this product at scale. It’s not horribly complicated, but it does need regular attention to ensure risks and slippages are tracked and communicated.

Finally, as a business grows it needs to constantly iterate tools, systems and processes - where to store key company information, how-tos, technical docs, what systems to manage information, contracts, CRM, project management, product roadmap, etc - as well as defining who is responsible for the set up, configuration and maintenance of these systems. We’d like you to come in and help us rationalise our software and subscription systems to ensure we are both purchasing and using efficiently the right combination of tools to meet our needs.

It’s probably worth saying right now that if there’s a good fit and great delivery in this role, we’ll be looking to promote you within the first year. This role can only grow, and if you’d like to grow with it, that’d be fab.

About you

It’s likely you have a strong ability in finance, some history with legal/contracts, an obsession with establishing, measuring, iterating and improving processes, and strong communication skills. If you have startup experience or fast growth experience that’s likely to help - especially if it was in an operations or finance role.

About us

We are a 50% London, 50% remote team. We operate with weekly OKR meetings against quarterly objectives, with weekly all-hands meetings - and the whole team gets together twice a year. There’s a dog in the office most of the time. She’s cute. Our people are giving of their time, energy and attention, we take our ability to have fun seriously, and we have an awful lot of grit.

Reporting to/Based in

You’ll be reporting to the COO, who is a founder, joining all the all company meetings, and also our senior coordination group. On a day to day basis, you’ll be working actively with the leaders of the Technology & Product, Commercial, and Customer Success functions, in addition to the CEO, COO, and leading the finance team.

We anticipate that you’ll be based in our offices on Old Street, London. We’re open to flexible working both in location and times, but for this role, we don’t think a fully remote hire is going to deliver what’s needed.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV to talent@hubbub.net with brief answers to the following:

  • Why do you want the role?
  • Describe your relevant experience and past performance.
  • What type of work environment brings the best out of you?